JD Micros offer a range of services specifically aimed at small businesses. These services range from supplying ink and toner cartridges through to full computer suites with servers. Unless otherwise stated, all new systems and laptops are covered by a minimum 12 month warranty.

The services we offer include:


Computers and Laptops

We provide quality laptops, and computers built to your individual specifications. We have experience of working on a number of different operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux and can combine all of these systems to provide you with the best and most cost effective set-up for your needs.

All of our computer systems (with the exception of some laptops) have the ability to be upgraded and modified as your business grows. We will happily talk through your requirements to ensure that all of the systems we provide will be the right one for you and your business.

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Repairs and Upgrades

With more than 20 years experience in the IT industry JD Micros is able to repair or upgrade all forms of computers, laptops, servers and networks. We will provide you with a guaranteed quote before we commence any work and should we find that any additional work or parts are required, we will obtain your permission before proceeding. This way you can be assured that the price we quote will be the price you pay and that there will be no nasty surprises when the bill arrives.

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As your business grows you will need to share files and information between computers and laptops and also ensure that all of your data is securely backed-up. JD Micros are experts at configuring, installing and maintaining servers specifically designed for small businesses.

We know that the thought of a server sounds expensive and difficult to maintain but you can have a fully functioning server with 2Tb of storage which carries out automatic back-ups for less than £700*. Such a server can be fully controlled through your web browser and should you wish it can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a secure internet connection. We can also monitor and manage the server for you if you wish.

If you are not sure of what specifications you require or are worried about how a server would fit into your current business then get in touch and we will happily talk through your requirements to ensure that a server be right for you and your business.

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All computers, laptops and servers need software to run. JD Micros can provide, install and configure any type of software you need for your business. The software we provide includes operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, anti-virus products and back-up software.

Contact us and we will happily talk through your requirements to ensure that we provide tailored software for you and your business at the best possible price.

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JD Micros can provide any accessory that your business requires from an ink or toner cartridge right through to cables, keyboards, speakers, printers and scanners. Because JD Micros are supplying them, you know that they will be of the highest quality and at the best possible price.

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As soon as your business has more than one computer or laptop, you are going to need to connect them to a network even if this is only to share an internet connection. Thanks to our extensive experience of all forms of wired and wireless networking we are able to offer you everything your business needs to securely connect to computers in and out of the office and the internet. As well as connecting your computers to each other and to any servers you have, we can also install network devices such as printers, scanners and other storage devices.

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Dynamic DNS and Remote Access

There may be times when you need to access computers, servers and other equipment in your office while you are out and about. Unless your internet service provider allocates you a static IP address you will be reliant on someone in your office to tell you your current IP address. We can offer a range of dynamic DNS services which allow you to access all of the computers and other equipment including compatible CCTV systems from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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Domain Names, Web Hosting and Website Management

We offer a range of web hosting options as well as domain name registrations, web forwarding and e-mail accounts.

We understand that registering domain names and setting up web hosting packages and email accounts can be extremely daunting and to help you through this process we offer a number of options to help you.

We can simply set-up the domain registrations and hosting packages then provide you with all of the required details to manage everything yourself along with you the tools to create and manage your new site.

If this sounds a bit too much for you, we offer a managed service which in addition to registering and setting everything up for you, we will take care of the billing and administration of your packages ensuring that everything is paid for and making sure that your site stays up and running.

If you still feel unsure about running your website and email, we also offer a package which includes us completely managing your site for you. With this service we will set-up email accounts, ensure that your website is submitted to the major search engines and can even provide you with statistics about the visitors to your site.

Whichever package you choose, we can arrange for you to check your emails and calendars on the move using a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Before using JD Micros for domain names, web hosting, web management or design please read the terms and conditions for these services of both JD Micros and our partners. Our terms and conditions can be found here.

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